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Representative Office registration in China

Last Updated: Feb. 19, 2017

Information provided below will guide you to:

Maintenance of Representative Office in China

Once the Representative Office is officially registered. It's required to maintain properly accounting records in accordance with accounting standards in China and report taxes in both monthly (for business tax) and quarterly (income tax) basis. The late submissions will face penalty and surcharges.

Representative offices must register with the local tax authority for tax reporting method. After negotiated, the tax reporting method will be fixed (for instance: the cost plus method).

Our part time accountant could assist you and negotiating with your local officer to use the proper tax reporting method for your Rep. Office. And submit the tax reports on your behalf. We could also advice you with tax planning opportunities this might help Rep. Office reduce the burden of tax of Rep. Office and it's staff.

We can also advise you of tax planning opportunities that might help mitigate the tax costs of the representative office and its staff.

The details of our services are set out below and our fee schedule is set out in "Form A"

(1) Update the books in accordance with the Chinese Accounting Standards;
(2) Prepare monthly financial statements for tax filing purpose;
(3) File monthly Business Tax Return and Individual Income Tax Return;
(4) File Corporate Income Tax Return quarterly
(5) Audit of Financial Statements

Detailed Breakdown of Fees

The figures shown in the table below are estimations and actually costs will be discussed after review of the actual operation of the representative office

Form A:

No. Services Period Separate Costs Package Cost
01 Update the books of accounts Monthly 2,200RMB/Month 28,000RMB /Year (more than 20% off from it's original price)
02 Business Tax Filing Quarterly
03 Individual Income Tax Filing Monthly
04 Corporate Income Tax Filing Quarterly
05 Audit of Financial Statements & Annual check of a Rep. office Annually 10,000RMB/Year

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More information about Rep. Office:

Contact Our Regional Partners in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou or Hong Kong for more details:

Office Time: Monday To Friday 0930AM-1730PM (GMT+8)

Beijing & Northern China Office:
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: gifty@pathtochina.com or [Request For Proposal]
5/F CBD International Mansion, 16 Yong'An Dong Li, Chao Yang District, Beijing 100022[-MAP-]
Tel: (86-10) 5166.4212 GMT+8 (English and Mandarin)
Tel: (86-10) 6563.7624
Regional Manager: Ms. Gifty Jia

Shanghai & Eastern China Office:
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E-mail: wendy@pathtochina.com[or Request For Proposal]
1038 West Nanjing Road, Suite 2508, 25 Floor, Westgate Tower, Shanghai 200040, China [-MAP-]
Tel: (86-21) 5108.8535 (English and Mandarin)
Regional Manager: Ms. Wendy Wang; Nancy Liu

Ningbo Office:
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E-mail: info@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
396 KaiMing Street, Suite 1420, Haishu, Ningbo, 315010
Regional Consultant: Mr. Dean Dong
Tel: (86 574) 8716.4655 GMT+8 ( English and Mandarin)

Hangzhou Office:

E-mail: nancy.liu@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
Hangzhou Liaison Office:
No. 2, 1785 Jianghan Rd.(by Binsheng Rd.), Binjiang District, Hangzhou 310051, China
Regional Consultant: Ms. Nancy Liu
Tel: (86) 139.1772.5080 GMT+8 ( English and Mandarin)

Shenzhen & Southern China Office:
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E-mail: emily.lin@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
6009 Yi Tian Road, Suite 2306, New World Tower,Shenzhen 518035
Tel: (86-755) 6128.6800 GMT+8 (English and Mandarin)
Regional Consultant: Ms. Emily Lin

Guangzhou Office:
161 West Lin He Rd., 23F, Tower A, Center Plaza, Guangzhou, 510620
-Request For Proposal-
Tel: (86.20) 6113.5690 GMT+8

Hong Kong Office:
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: simon@pathtochina.com [or Request For Proposal]
Suite 1701, HeNan Building, 92 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong[-MAP-]
Tel: (852) 6877.8862 GMT+8 (English)
Regional Partner: Simon Lee

Rest Cities of China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Suzhou, Xi'an etc.
-Request For Proposal-
E-mail: info@pathtochina.com
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